How to be successful in the Health Care business – Salute+Store®

Want to be successful in your own business?

If you are willing to put yourself on the line to revive your life or plan to invest in a growing sector, SALUTE+STORE®, the leading franchise in Italy with over 45 stores, offers you a chance to enter the Health Care business at 360 degrees.

In this meeting you will discover why the Health Care market is today the best option to invest your resources and your time.

You will also find out how to become an active part of the SALUTE+STORE® group thanks to the various consolidated affiliation formulas designed to open your own brand store and start immediately to manage a professionally tested activity, supported by a specialized and updated staff.

◊ Why you should attend ◊

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should attend the convention:

1) Have the opportunity to discover and undertake a safe and profitable business

2) Discover why and how the business around the Health Care will keep expanding

3) Get in touch with the leading Health Care franchising in Italy expanding abroad

4) Read and eventually complete the application form to apply as a possible affiliate (non-binding)

5) Take advantage of discounts on affiliate packages: for who participates, fills in the application form (within 30 days of the convention) and is selected, there will be a discount on the net price of the package of £1.500,00

◊ Who is the convention for ◊

The convention is aimed at those who want a complete picture of the Health Care business nowadays and for:

those who want to start a new business and help their community to stay healthy

those who want to make an investment in a thriving and non-expiring sector such as health care

those who understand the strength of a brand and an ever-growing know-how to transform their business into a successful job/lifestyle

who wants to learn more about health care franchising

In short: new in the industry, investors, industry veterans, interested in the topic Health Care Franchising

◊ F.A.Q. ◊

Q: Am I obliged to complete the application form at the convention?

A: Absolutely not, only those who wish can proceed with the compilation and sending of the application to SALUTE+STORE®

Q: Is there a chance to immediately sign the SALUTE+STORE® affiliation contract?

A: No, because before signing the contract it is necessary to send the application form to become potential affiliates (which can be completed at the convention) and only after being selected it will be possible to proceed with the signing of the affiliation contract.

Q: Is SALUTE+STORE® an Italian brand?

A: Yes, SALUTE+STORE® was born as a family store located in the city of Parma, to then become a real franchise and get to be present throughout the Italian territory with more than 45 operational sales points.

Q: Is it possible to open with SALUTE+STORE® wherever I want?

A: To open with SALUTE+STORE® it is necessary to be initially selected as suitable candidates to run a store (or more than one), then it is checked whether other SALUTE+STORE® are already operating in the area of ​​interest (each SALUTE+STORE® has a personalized exclusive area to operate without being subjected to unfair competition from another SALUTE+STORE® that wants to open at a close distance).

In case it is possible to proceed with the opening of your store you have two options:

you proposes to the franchisor (who carries out his own evaluations to favor the correct development of the activity) one or more commercial premises in which you hypothesize to open the store or
the franchisor begins the search for you of the most suitable commercial space for the realization of the store
The next steps will lead to the opening of SALUTE+STORE®.

For all your other questions we wait for you on August 10th from 4 pm to 6 pm at the K+K Hotel George Kensington in London. Don’t miss this unique event!

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